wavepool- deep relaxation music CD coverRobert Rand’s WAVEPOOL is a 60-minute soundtrack that invites the listener into deep relaxation… and ultimately into a journey of healing and rejuvenation. Rather than using mathematical or binaural beats to provoke brain activity, Robert created the Wavepool sound from a powerful healing meditation vision. The Wavepool sound goes deep into every cell.

This critically acclaimed CD has been selling worldwide since its release in January 2010. Wavepool has been a DigStation Top Seller several weeks running- truly remarkable for a 60-minute single soundtrack!

“Deep Relaxation” refers to a transformation to a non-ordinary state of being where the body and mind regain access to one’s innate healing capabilities. The WAVEPOOL 60-minute soundtrack is designed for either single or endless playback as an entrainment sound for deep relaxation healing in bodywork therapy, deep tissue release, acupuncture, osteopathy and other energetic therapy, and shamanic transfiguration and transmutation.


surf_recording_locationThe wavepool soundtrack is based on an ambient ocean surf recording Robert Rand made in May 2008 at Reid State Park on the coast of Maine. This particular wave set matched the sound Robert had heard internally many months prior when envisioning the project- a unique pace, texture, and rhythm of wavebreaks, retreats, and flowing, relaxing sound. Because man-made sounds pervade the modern world, it took Robert four months of trips to numerous beaches in New England before finding the right surf conditions and absolute natural quiet. After making the field recordings, Robert created and mixed in deep, slow melodic textures while wearing his polarity therapist’s hat, so to speak; working in the energetic intention used during advanced therapeutic sessions to entrain the listener into deep relaxation.

Robert Rand

Robert Rand is an experienced professional acoustical consultant, musician, and polarity therapist. If you have any questions or feedback, please send Rob an e-mail and he will be glad to correspond. Also check in at the facebook page for news and thoughts about this amazing deep relaxation soundtrack.

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