Home and Healing

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your CD…I find it so incredibly relaxing. I love the combination of the ocean and your music… the intermingling of the two sounds is so soothing to my spirit- Nancy

Soundscapes are sonic environments that fulfill a deep human need such as reconnection with the natural environment. Our modern industrial-driven environment is filled with non-harmonious and irregular sounds which separate us from our natural world and can produce subtle and problematic physiological stresses. Yet, we can be proactive about the sounds we allow in and around our home and healing facilities.

The WAVEPOOL soundtrack has been found to calm nervous pets and provide a soothing soundscape for young children needing quiet time during the day. Using careful production drawing from professional acoustical analysis, the WAVEPOOL soundtrack is also capable of masking intrusive sounds in hospital environments while providing a blending of ocean surf and healing sounds, naturally encouraging deep rest during surgery prep and recovery.

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