Relaxation is one of the important benefits of a good massage. The WAVEPOOL soundtrack is energetically simple relative to the normal soundscape of thoughts and reactions; inviting deep relaxation through an easing of the signals in the auditory systems. This is different than listening to pink noise or a mountain stream. WAVEPOOL‘s slow melodic elements gliding along with the rarely slow-paced surf gradually ease away emotional and intellectual “holding” as the mind lets go and relaxes ever deeper during the session. As the mind eases its control over musculature and frame, therapy promotes release and enervation of tissue.

Advanced massage and energetic therapies include in their focus allowing gentle release of energies and patterns that do not serve the client. These patterns found in the physical body are felt in the polarity therapy context to originate in mental or emotional attachments, difficulties, or beliefs which then gradually transit into the physical body. The release process which make take some time or may move quickly is greatly assisted by a strong energetic container for the client and practitioner. The WAVEPOOL soundtrack was mixed with this intention and process in mind.

Photo by thomaswanhoff

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