“Wavepool is not just a beautiful CD to listen to but it also supports a deep and profound spiritual state. When listening to the CD I personally find myself going to a deep inner landscape where I can experience my spiritual light and divine nature while staying in my body.

I have found that many CDs that are made for spiritual work leave me feeling ungrounded. This is definitely not the case with Wavepool. It leaves my energy feeling smooth and filled with light. What a gift!!”

Sandra Ingerman,
Author of many books including “Soul Retrieval” and “Medicine for the Earth”, December 2009.
On the web at

“I’ll use it teaching… It is excellent! Congratulations.”

—Evelyn Gonzales,
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge, MA,
on the web at kripalu.org.
The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health carries Wavepool in its vetted,
select list of recommended CDs, on the web at The Kripalu Shop Online.

“This is the best ocean sound I have ever heard.”

Music Buyer, Crystal Magic, Sedona, Arizona.

“…the work we did together last weekend, accompanied by your wonderful CD, was very deep and transformative. It is truly a healing CD and I thank you for the gift of bringing it to be.” 

—Ariane Garfield,
Humanistic Astrology, Ellsworth, ME,
on the web at am-bca.net.

Beyond the Universal OM:— “After listening to Wavepool, when the cd ended, I realized that it had caused a shift in my listening. What might be considered random disconnected sounds in the world around me took on a shape, like a piece of music. I started hearing “noise” (the sounds of the town, car motors, machines, birds, people….) as a kind of symphony of related sound. I have had a similar experience listening to some of the music of Steve Roach, that the end of the cd began to blend with the hum of the world, with the “universal OM”. But Wavepool didn’t simply dissolve my listening into the hum, it opened my ears to the music around me.

—Shirsten Lundblad,
Massage Therapist, Brunswick, Maine, also percussionist in Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm,
on the web at

“Dear Rob, I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your CD…I find it so incredibly relaxing. I love the combination of the ocean and your music… the intermingling of the two sounds is so soothing to my spirit.”

—Nancy B.

“i am so amazed by the “wave pool” cd!!! it is the best, most quiet meditation music/sound i’ve ever heard. part of my meditation is to make my in & out breaths as slow & long as possible. the cd is more slow than i’ve ever heard & allows me to go deeper into meditation.”

—”lola’s mom”

“Beautiful, Beautiful!!!!”

—Deborah Abel,
Dance Choreographer, on the web at deborahabeldance.com.

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